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Key Ways Attorneys Can Help With Debt Collection Issues

  Debt collection companies can be a valuable partner for businesses to turn to when customers are not making timely payments. Credit card companies, retail businesses and health care offices all rely on collections companies to help get delinquent accounts current. Sometimes, for large debts and severely late accounts, these companies need to take the matters to the next level. An experienced attorney or law firm has the skill and training to assist organizations and help to resolve debt issues. File a Lawsuit In some situations, a company may wish to sue a debtor for his or her failure to stay current with an account (or even pay anything at all). Before doing this, the company should consult an attorney that specializes in debt collections. A lawyer can evaluate the case to determine whether it makes sense for the company to take legal action. Financially, it may be more advantageous for the company to continue to pursue collections efforts. Lawyers can also represent the other side in a collections matter. Debtors can also bring a complaint to court that a creditor has used illegal or unethical methods to collect a debt. These may include harassment or adding unreasonable fees to the debt. Lawyers can represent the customer and ensure that his or her rights are upheld. Collecting the Debt for the Company When a collections company has been unable to reach the debtor, the creditor can escalate the account further to an attorney. Lawyers often get involved when the account is several months past due and when the debtor owes $1,000 or more. Delinquent customers tend to respond more readily to law firms and lawyers than to a third-party collections agency. Easing the Debtor’s Burden With debt collection matters, a lawyer, like a bankruptcy lawyer from Law Offices of Ronald I. Chorches, can also advise a debtor when he or she should consider filing for bankruptcy. If this course isn’t in the person’s best interest, the attorney can also help the debtor negotiate the debt. The debtor, with the lawyer’s guidance, might be able to get a lower interest rate, a lower monthly payment or an extended term. The attorney might even be able to get the creditor to forgive some or all of the debt. It’s clear to see why companies and individuals alike work with experienced attorneys for debt collection issues. If you believe an attorney would benefit...
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Steps You Shouldn’t Skip When Filing a Personal Injury Claim

Filing a personal injury claim probably isn’t something you do every day, so you might have some questions about the process. If your injury is serious enough to warrant a personal injury claim, there are some steps you should be sure not to miss.   Seek Immediate Medical Care Seeking medical care immediately following your injury is the most important thing you can do for yourself. Not only is it the best way to physically care for your injuries, but it also gives you the confirmation and evidence you need to show the other individual caused you an injury. If you fail to seek care right after you are hurt, the other party’s insurance company may suggest your injuries did not come from the accident their client caused.   Get in Touch with a Lawyer A personal injury lawyer might be your best secret weapon in working through the claims process. The insurance adjuster might recommend you not hire a lawyer, but that’s because insurance companies are in the business of making money. They know a lawyer will help you receive what you deserve. Even if you aren’t sure whether you’re going to hire a lawyer quite yet, he or she may be able to offer some legal advice you’ll need right now.   Contact Everyone Involved Before you file the claim, you’ll need to inform everyone involved that you plan to do so. This means you should contact the individual who caused your injuries, as well as the individual’s insurer. Being sure to set the claim up like this can help move it ahead more quickly.   Collect Information Your claim will include documents that back up the claims about your injuries. This might include evidence that proves the accident was the responsible party’s fault. You could have pictures of the accident, witness statements, and a police report to back you up. The claim might also include medical bills and doctor’s statements that outline the medical care you already received, as well as the medical care you can plan to receive in the future.   Negotiate a Settlement More than likely, your lawyer will do a significant amount of the work involved with your personal injury claim, including negotiating a settlement. Your lawyer will work with either the at-fault individual, or his or her insurance company to try to negotiate a settlement amount. If it doesn’t work out,...
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How To Select a Fiduciary Adviser

Choosing a financial adviser that can serve as a fiduciary is an integral part of securing your financial future. A fiduciary should Manage Your Finances Act in Your Best Interest Avoid Conflict of Interest Have Proper Credential It is essential to take time and care when choosing who will manage your finances. Here are questions to ask before selecting a fiduciary adviser. What Services Do You Provide? Financial advisers can perform their services under two standards:  suitability or fiduciary. Under the suitability standard, their only requirement is to offer appropriate advice for your particular circumstances. Fiduciary advisors must put their clients’ best interests before their own. How Will I Pay For Services? Brokerage firms typically fall into the category of suitability, meaning they earn their fees through commissions on investments and work to make money for themselves and you. On the other hand, fiduciary services put the best interests of their clients first and earn flat fees for their work. This method of payment helps reduce conflicts of interest. Who Do My Friends and Family Use? Once you decide to use a fiduciary to manage your financial interests, you may wonder how to find one. The best way to start is by asking family or friends for recommendations. When it comes to personal finances, most people will be happy to share their positive experiences and just as willing to tell you what and whom you should avoid. What Are Their Credentials? Although getting referrals from people you trust is an excellent way to find a fiduciary, it is always best to undertake thorough due diligence. Before trusting others with your finances, check to see if they are members of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA). This organization has stringent requirements for fee-only fiduciary financial advisers. How is My Money Invested? Hiring others to invest your money doesn’t mean you should not be in the loop concerning how they do this. The fiduciary you are considering should be willing to discuss all strategies regarding how to grow your money. How and When Will I Receive Updates?  If you hire someone else to manage your money, you will want to establish methods of communication and updates about investment strategies, returns, losses and anything that affects your finances. You should expect quarterly updates, at a minimum. A team consisting of a estate lawyer, like from the Yee Law Group, and a fiduciary adviser...
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How Can I Apply for Temporary Spousal Support?

The intention of temporary spousal support or “temporary alimony” is to reasonably maintain the same standard of living for both parties after divorce. An attorney can help you file a temporary alimony order, where a request is sent to the court about getting help paying for certain expenses or bills covered by the other spouse. To submit such written documentation, means that a “motion” is filed to the court regarding the issue. Upon receiving this paperwork, the court will likely schedule a hearing for both spouses to attend.  Reviewing Financial Information Before the court can rule on this request for temporary alimony, they will need to review imperative documents pertaining to each spouse’s finances. An attorney can give you information about what kinds of documents the court is likely to need. Both spouses are to fill out financial disclosure forms, which should be plenty of details about income, debts, expenses, and assets for the court to evaluate. This will give the court a good idea of each spouse’s financial standing.  Determining Whether Request is Granted After reviewing requested documents, the court will also consider the points made by each side. Based on the information provided, if the court believes that awarding temporary alimony is justified, then they will assign a monthly payment to the paying spouse. The outcome of a temporary spousal support hearing isn’t always certain, as it can be difficult to figure out what the judge will do, but an attorney can work relentlessly for your behalf.  The Use of a Formula In some states, courts use a formula to decide temporary spousal support. It is similar to what a judge may use for child support disputes too. However, if the state doesn’t use a formula for alimony, then the judge can attempt to be as fair as possible. The judge may strive to calculate an amount that reasonably satisfies the financial need of the recipient spouse, while not causing financial hardship to the other.  How Long a Temporary Spousal Support May Last Once the court issues a temporary spousal support verdict, it usually is in effect only until the divorce case ends. In some instances, it may carry on after the finalization of the divorce, essentially turning into long-term alimony. An attorney understands how confusing this all can be if you are not familiar with the topic of family law. We can hopefully put your mind...
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Fair Compensation For Your Damages and Injuries, Uber Accidents

Getting injured in an accident with an Uber driver is a serious situation, regardless of whether you are the passenger or another driver on the road. Uber has a million-dollar policy to cover those injured by their drivers, but this doesn’t always apply. Certain factors have to be met to receive any compensation, and even then, you can only receive up to a million dollars. If your injuries cost more, you’re out of luck. Here’s what you need to know about getting in an accident with an Uber driver. From the Passenger’s Perspective As a passenger, you are always covered by Uber’s insurance policy up to $1 million. Uber’s policy only applies to those injured by the driver when they are at work, meaning they must be on the way to pick up a passenger or currently transporting one. Since you are that passenger, you’ll always be covered. From Another Driver’s Perspective Things can be a bit trickier for other drivers. The only way you can file under Uber’s insurance plan is if the Uber driver was on the clock for the company (aka, Uber was financially benefiting from the driver’s actions when the accident occurred). If the driver was not carrying a passenger or on route to get one, then they were technically not working (even if they were just waiting for a request). When this happens, you can only file a claim with the driver’s personal insurance, not Uber’s. All Uber drivers are required to have their own insurance, so this shouldn’t be an issue. After the Accident Passengers and drivers alike can take similar steps to ensure they have documented all information about the accident. Always call the police first, even if the damage seems insignificant. With a large company like Uber potentially liable, you want to have a police report to verify the accident. If you are an Uber passenger, don’t assume your driver is going to do everything correctly or in your best interests. Take pictures of the scene, get medical attention, collect witness statements, and request the drivers’ information, like contact and insurance. Car Accident Lawyers Uber is a massive company with a lot to lose, so it shouldn’t be surprising if they decide to fight you on a claim you make with their insurance. Contacting a car accident lawyer, who has dealt with such corporations can increase your chances of getting fair compensation...
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