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Fair Compensation For Your Damages and Injuries, Uber Accidents

Getting injured in an accident with an Uber driver is a serious situation, regardless of whether you are the passenger or another driver on the road. Uber has a million-dollar policy to cover those injured by their drivers, but this doesn’t always apply. Certain factors have to be met to receive any compensation, and even then, you can only receive up to a million dollars. If your injuries cost more, you’re out of luck. Here’s what you need to know about getting in an accident with an Uber driver.

From the Passenger’s Perspective

As a passenger, you are always covered by Uber’s insurance policy up to $1 million. Uber’s policy only applies to those injured by the driver when they are at work, meaning they must be on the way to pick up a passenger or currently transporting one. Since you are that passenger, you’ll always be covered.

From Another Driver’s Perspective

Things can be a bit trickier for other drivers. The only way you can file under Uber’s insurance plan is if the Uber driver was on the clock for the company (aka, Uber was financially benefiting from the driver’s actions when the accident occurred). If the driver was not carrying a passenger or on route to get one, then they were technically not working (even if they were just waiting for a request). When this happens, you can only file a claim with the driver’s personal insurance, not Uber’s. All Uber drivers are required to have their own insurance, so this shouldn’t be an issue.

After the Accident

Passengers and drivers alike can take similar steps to ensure they have documented all information about the accident. Always call the police first, even if the damage seems insignificant. With a large company like Uber potentially liable, you want to have a police report to verify the accident. If you are an Uber passenger, don’t assume your driver is going to do everything correctly or in your best interests. Take pictures of the scene, get medical attention, collect witness statements, and request the drivers’ information, like contact and insurance.

Car Accident Lawyers

Uber is a massive company with a lot to lose, so it shouldn’t be surprising if they decide to fight you on a claim you make with their insurance. Contacting a car accident lawyer, who has dealt with such corporations can increase your chances of getting fair compensation for your damages and injuries.

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