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How Your Will Affects the Lives of Others

When you create a will, it is going to have an effect on the lives of those you name in it. What does a will do, and who does it affect? The following gives a brief rundown. The Executor When you create a will, you’ll name an executor of the will. This is someone who is in charge of administration of your wishes and handling your estate. You should speak with the individual you name as the executor to be sure he or she is on board with what you want. He or she will gather and distribute assets after your death, hire attorneys, file taxes and a variety of other tasks. Your Beneficiaries Part of making a will is determining who will benefit from it. These individuals are known as beneficiaries. Your beneficiaries should be specifically named in your will, along with the personal items, property and assets you wish to leave to each of them. Beneficiaries are typically family members and other loved ones you’re close to, but they could also be charities or schools. Keep in mind if you have joint ownership in a property, you can’t leave that property to another individual. For example, if you own an equal share of a company, you can’t leave the entire company to your brother who has no shares in it. There’s a chance you could leave your portion of it to him, but your business partner would retain his or her portion of ownership. A Guardian If you have minor children, you’ll want to name a guardian for them in the event you die while they’re still minors. You should speak to the individual before you put his or her name down as guardian. Be sure he or she is up to the task and that there’s a commitment to raise your kids as closely to the way you would have raised them if you lived. In some cases, this guardian would take care of everything related to your children, including their finances, but that’s not always how it goes. If you feel there is someone better suited to manage your children’s finances, you can name a financial guardian. He or she could give the physical guardian “child support,” so to speak, which can be used to care for the children. He or she may be responsible for giving the children money for higher education. It just...
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3 Common Types of Personal Injury Claims

Personal Injury Attorney Though everyone will face injuries and accidents to one degree or another, the more serious cases will require extensive medical help. These costs can quickly add up, hampering the finances of people from all walks of life. When another person is liable for your injuries you may consider taking legal actions to recover damages. Personal injury lawyers are accustomed to handling a wide range of cases. It’s helpful to know which ones attorneys most often work with. Car Accidents You don’t have to drive long or far to come across accidents on the road. While weather or automobile defects can be the culprits, human errors usually cause these incidents and the resulting injuries. Some car accidents inflict minor injuries, but some can be devastating and life-changing. A car accident can leave a person incapacitated. Other accidents send the victims to the hospital where only multiple treatments and surgeries, along with long rehabilitation, help the person recover. The medical bills that follow can be enormous. A personal injury lawsuit not only holds the offender accountable, but can also help the victim get the money to pay for the medical costs. Workplace Injuries Reputable businesses place a high priority on employee safety. Employers are responsible for their employees’ well-being during work hours and should create a comfortable atmosphere where everyone can do his or her job. Due to a lack of training and failing safety equipment and measures, people can get hurt. This is especially true in jobs where people work with chemicals, heavy-duty machinery and other hazards. When employers aren’t conscientious, workers can get hurt. Common injuries include slip and fall incidents, fractures, concussions, and burns. Employers that don’t take accountability for such incidents can face lawsuits. Legal action is also common when employers aren’t cooperative with employees who wish to file workers’ compensation claims. Dog Bites Dog bite laws vary from state to state, but this is a common injury claim. Some attorneys specialize in dog bite lawsuits, as the injuries can be severe, especially when children are the victims. Factors that determine the validity of someone’s case include whether the dog was on a leash, if the incident occurred on the homeowner’s property, and if the homeowner was present during the attack and tried to prevent it. There are many other types of personal injury cases, though these are among the most frequent complaints that...
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Motorcycle Helmet Laws: 4 Facts

Personal Injury Lawyer Riding a motorcycle can be thrilling and offer you many adventures on the open road. As you travel, you may wonder about how each state in the country views and enforces helmet laws. These laws tend to vary, and knowing a few facts about helmets before you use your motorcycle can help keep you safe and understand the rules of the road. Age Plays a Factor  Some states have mandatory helmet laws for minors or those who are under the age of 20. Texas is one such state while Colorado, Idaho and Kansas require those aged 17 and younger to wear a helmet, whether they are driving a motorcycle or riding as a passenger. You may want to review the laws in states you plan to pass through if you are planning a long-distance trip. If you plan to carry minor passengers, it is important to have helmets available that fit properly, as one that is too large may not protect a smaller passenger as it should. Law-Free States Exist Three states have no helmet laws at all: Iowa, New Hampshire and Illinois. This makes wearing a helmet completely optional without the risk of being ticketed as you travel. However, since wearing a helmet can reduce the risk of head injuries in an accident, you may want to protect yourself and your passengers by making them available. If you do decide to wear a helmet, look for one that is approved by the Department of Transportation and that protects your face as well as your head. Some States Have Mandatory Laws  Over one dozen states in the U.S. make helmet usage mandatory for all riders. The District of Columbia, California, Alabama, and Maryland are just a few of these states that try to protect riders with this law. The cost of violating the law varies by each state, but since tickets and fines might affect the cost of your insurance, you may want to consider understanding and obeying the mandatory helmet law where it exists. Insurance Coverage Can Lower Helmet Cost  Some insurance companies that cover motorcycle riders offer different coverage options for riding accessories, including helmets. Since a quality helmet can cost more than $200, this type of coverage can be useful and help you save money when you need to replace or buy an additional helmet for passenger use. The varying helmet laws across...
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Motorcycle Accidents: Dispelling the Myth That You Don’t Need an Attorney

If you were in a motorcycle accident, you may deserve to receive compensation for your injuries or property damage. Before you file a claim, you may wonder whether or not you need a lawyer. After all, there are a couple of myths that usually have people wary of hiring a lawyer in a civil lawsuit. It’s important to know the myths and the truth behind them, Lawyers Only Want Your Money A lot of people believe that lawyers are too expensive or that they are only interested in the payment that you provide. This is far from the truth. A motorcycle accident attorney wants to help you. He or she wants to ensure that you receive the compensation that you deserve. Most motorcycle attorneys work for a contingency fee. This means that they receive a portion of your settlement when you receive it. You don’t have to have the money upfront. Accident Victims Can File Lawsuits Alone This isn’t so much of a myth as it is misleading. It is within your rights to file a motor vehicle accident claim against another driver. You do not have to have a lawyer to file a lawsuit or to fight in a civil suit. However, it may not be the best decision. A lot of drivers who represent themselves make a lot of mistakes early on. Mistakes are enough that it can get an entire case thrown out. For instance, where a lawyer may know all of the different deadlines that you have to meet, will know all of the varying court fees that have to be paid, you may not know this information by heart. It is easy to forget something that you need. If you forget a filing date or if you do not fill out your paperwork properly, then the judge can dismiss your case. When you’re alone, you also don’t have anyone to help you negotiate against insurance companies. After all, insurance companies may try to offer you a lower deal and you may not recognize how much your accident is worth or that you can still fight against them. If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident against a passenger vehicle, then odds are you deserve compensation. You do not have to fight the battle on your own, however. When you have a motorcycle accident lawyer, at your side, you are more likely to receive the...
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Repetitive Motion Injuries and Workers’ Compensation

When you think of a work injury that might entitle you to workers’ compensation, you might think of a huge slip and fall accident or a back injury. While these things can qualify for coverage, big issues such as these aren’t the only types of accidents and injuries that do. There’s a high percentage of workers who develop a repetitive motion injury, which does entitle the worker to workers’ comp coverage. Some Examples of Repetitive Motion Injuries A repetitive motion injury might go by another name as well, including a repetitive stress injury, but they’re all basically the same thing. There are various injuries that fall under this category, with the following being just a few. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – More and more people in the nation are completing their work duties from behind a computer screen than ever before. With the repetitive motion of typing and the use of a computer mouse, the nerves in the wrist are going to receive a certain amount of pressure. This damages the nerves and the tendons in the carpal tunnel, which leads to weakness, numbness and pain. This condition is known as carpal tunnel syndrome. Tendinitis – Your muscles are connected to your bones by tendons. Anywhere in your body where you use those certain muscles over and over again could cause the tendons to inflame. This is known as tendonitis and presents itself with swelling and tenderness. Tennis Elbow – Although the name derived from a tennis injury, anyone who repeatedly bends their elbows can sustain tennis elbow. You’d feel pain on the outside of your elbow, and may also experience the loss of strength in your grip. Some Common Jobs That Result in Repetitive Motion Injuries Almost any job could result in a repetitive motion injury, but there are some that cause more of these injuries than others. Cashiers, healthcare workers, janitors, firefighters, musicians, secretaries and professionals in similar positions could develop carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, tendinitis and a wide range of other types of repetitive motion injuries. Filing a Claim for Workers’ Compensation As soon as you realize you are dealing with a repetitive motion injury, you should bring it up with your employer. Next, you should speak with a doctor about it. The sooner you get an actual diagnosis, the sooner you’ll be able to seek compensation. Your lawyer can help you complete the paperwork for...
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