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Why You Should Hire an Attorney After Your Truck Accident

Experienced Lawyer Truck accidents can be especially tricky to manage in the aftermath if you are a commercial driver. Many employers require their drivers to have clean driving records with minimal or no points. Unfortunately, if a driver is the cause of an accident or if liability is shared, that can mean the loss of a job or some other professional penalty. Therefore, if you are involved in a trucking accident, there are several reasons to hire an attorney. Collection of Evidence and Data Attorneys will collect the evidence and data from accident reports and scenes to determine who is at fault. Using private investigators and experts, they will determine the cause of the accident, ensuring they can provide you with the best possible defense. While you can also do this work on your own, a private attorney will have the resources readily available. Organization of Information When filing a claim, the order of the information is almost as important as filing on time. Information should be provided in chronological order, and you should lead with the most relevant data first. An attorney can help you organize accident reports and medical information. Recovery of Missing Information It is not uncommon, during the information gathering stage, to find that some data is missing. Persistence is vital when requesting medical records. Due to the varying sizes of hospitals and the health care bureaucracy, redundancies and miscommunications can occur, meaning that more than one request is often needed for the same records. Negotiation with Lien Holders While professional drivers likely want to maintain their driving records, which is why they are fighting, others will need the settlement or reward to control their financial losses. Attorneys are great negotiators, and they will argue with lien holders to secure the best outcome on your behalf. Communication with Doctors While most truck accident claims are settled outside of court, a lawyer will still want to speak with your doctor about your injuries to prepare for a possible trial. Also, discussing your injuries helps your attorney determine a starting point for settlement negotiations. Negotiation with Insurance Adjuster and Defense Once your attorney is familiar with all the details of your case, they will submit a demand letter to the defense. This letter establishes the start of negotiations for a settlement and will help in determining financial liability for the accident. If you are a professional truck...
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Common Questions You May Have When Starting Your Own Business

Experienced Lawyer It should come as no surprise to prospective entrepreneurs that starting your own business can come with some level of risk and serious hard work. As a small business owner, there will be much to consider. You must take the time to plan the start of your business carefully. Not only will this help you lay the foundation for success, you will have a clear picture of how to navigate even the most challenging of situations. Starting a business on your own can be incredibly overwhelming, which is why working with a business owner can play a crucial role in answering any questions you may have.  What is the best type of business structure for my business? Choosing the structure of your business is the most important element in starting your own business. Your business lawyer can play a key role in helping you to choose the best business formation that works for you. Types of business structures include: Sole Proprietor Partnership Limited Liability Company (LLC) Corporation What is a business plan, and what should be included in the plan? When starting a business, you must develop a business plan. A business plan is a roadmap to your business. Not only does it help you to outline how you will start your business, but it will provide a roadmap for your future. A business plan should include:  Executive Summary Description of Your Business Market Analysis Financial Plan +More Why are business contracts necessary? Business contracts are essential parts of any business. A business contract is an agreement that is made between two parties. Business contracts are incredibly important for several reasons:  They offer both parties protection Clearly outline the terms of the agreement Help to prevent conflicts from arising They provide security to both parties Should I hire employees, what do I need to know? If your business is one that warrants employees, you will want to take the time to educate yourself on matters involving employment law. Managing employees can be challenging; if you do not have the proper understanding of employment laws, you could find yourself in hot water. In some situations, improper management of employees can be the downfall of your business. Working with a lawyer can assist you in understand the critical components of employment law, including: Family and Medical Leave Workers’ Compensation Labor Laws Workplace Safety Civil Rights Laws How can a...
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Adjusting Child Support

Once ordered, child support payments are required until the child is no longer a minor, becomes active duty military, is adopted, or the child is emancipated. For many cases, this is nearly 18 years of payments. Yet, a lot can happen from year to year, let alone in 18 years. People lose jobs, gain employment, and get promoted. There are just as many life changes that can alter the need for support as there are job changes. For instance, medical issues, a new spouse, and a change in disposable income. Therefore, it is very likely that in the duration of child support payments, the amount may need to be adjusted.              Child support is automatically stopped under certain circumstances. If they are not, you are welcome to request a credit for the time it was supposed to be stopped, without going to court. This is traditionally true if you are working with a local child support agency. Generally, a temporary stop of payments occurs if you are in jail, prison, or involuntarily institutionalized for more than 90 consecutive days. They are only stopped AFTER the 90 days, therefore the first 90 days are still due.              The easiest way to change your child support is through a mutual agreement. If you and the other parent are able to reach a compromise that works best for the child, a significant amount of footwork and court time can be avoided. This agreement should be in writing to protect everyone involved. Next, a judge needs to sign the agreement. Without a judge’s signature, the existing court order and support payment will not be changed.              Sometimes, changing child support is not as easy as reaching an agreement. There are many occasions when an agreement is not able to be reached. You have the right to request a change at any time if the current ordered amount is less than the guideline minimum amount. This is true even if both parents initially agreed on the amount. If this is not the case, then a court hearing will need to be requested. In most states, the parent requesting the change will need to prove a change of circumstances in order to get the new support order approved. Situations likely to be approved (at least temporarily) are: Income of one or both parents have changed A child’s medical emergency One parent lost their job Temporary medical or financial...
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