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Finding the Right Attorney to Review Your Case After a Trucking Accident

Suffering at the hands of a negligent truck driver can be emotional, traumatic, and physically painful. The physical and emotional injuries of such a terrible crash can live in you for many years to come and, in some cases, forever. Although wounds can take a long time to heal, unforeseen medical expenses may continue to plague you for quite some time. An attorney can help you correctly file an insurance claim and review your damages to ensure that you are asking for the compensation you deserve. By taking the time to choose an attorney who has the experience and feels like a good fit can ultimately make a world of difference.  Damages You May be Entitled To In order to have a valid insurance claim following a trucking accident, you will need to have suffered damages in some way. If you have been the victim of a trucking accident, chances are you have suffered significantly. Damages are losses from an accident and generally are a way of helping a person to feel whole again following an accident. Often this comes in the form of monetary compensation. Examples of damages often requested in trucking accident claims include: Property Damage Wrongful Death Medical Expenses (Past, Current & Future) Punitive Damages Pain and Suffering An attorney can not only negotiate damages with the insurance company, they can also help to review your case and assign a value to the hardship and injuries you have experienced. Finding the Right Attorney When faced with the aftermath of a serious trucking accident, the last thing you should do is randomly choose an attorney without putting forth the time and effort required to ensure that they are reputable. When it comes to pursuing an insurance claim, you will want to make sure that the compensation you receive is as high as possible. A good attorney can make all the difference when it comes to this. By taking the time to do the following, you can mitigate the risk of retaining an attorney who is unable to rise to the occasion: Ask people you know for recommendations If you know any other legal professionals, ask them for their opinion of attorneys in your area. Conduct online research to obtain reviews of an attorney’s practice Review the websites of prospective attorneys online Take advantage of the complimentary consultation offered by most attorneys Make sure that you are prepared...
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What are common kinds of damages from hospital accidents?

If you are anticipating going into the hospital for treatment, surgery, or a procedure, you might benefit from knowing about some of the dangers in order to possibly avoid them. Alternately, if you were injured while in the hospital, you may be questioning what rights you have insofar as recovering your damages. Whether or not your injury is listed below, you may be eligible to receive a substantial settlement for your accident related costs. Hospital Visits There are many reasons for why someone may admit themselves into a hospital. Any one of those scenarios can present an opportunity for something to go wrong. Patients have been seriously injured when going into the hospital for any of the following reasons:  A surgical procedure. Whether this is a routine surgery or a specialized surgery, there is a risk of complications. Allergic reaction to the anesthesia. In the most serious cases, this can be fatal. The surgeon removes the wrong body part. This is usually not reversible. Internal bleeding or hemorrhaging which can be fatal. Post-surgery, the wrong medication or dosage is prescribed. This can dramatically slow the treatment period, worsen the condition, create new issues particularly with side effects from the wrong medication, or cause an allergic reaction. Improperly sterilized surgical tools which lead to severe or fatal infection. The surgeon leaves a tool or dressing inside the body cavity which leads to internal infection. In the most serious cases, this can be fatal. Improper or inadequate measures to reduce or eliminate the risk of infectious diseases spreading from one patient to other patients. Emergency treatment. In seeking emergency treatment for a condition that puts the patient at risk for death of not immediately treated, the patient may have no choice about which physician treats them. As a result, they are at the mercy of the medical provider and the hospital itself. The condition of the facility may not be sufficiently clean, leading to the patient succumbing to a serious or fatal infection. The physician’s level of experience and skill may be subpar, and as a result they misdiagnose the patient’s condition, which means they are not treated and as a result their condition worsens. In addition, the wrong treatment is provided which can lead to additional issues, particularly if the wrong medication is also prescribed. If you were injured in a hospital accident of any kind, contact the top hospital...
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Wrongful Death Lawsuits and Criminal Trials

If you believe your loved one was killed by carelessness that could have been avoided, then knowing that the party that caused the negligent death was not criminally convicted can be even more distressing. Even if the party in question of causing the death of your loved one was not convicted of a criminal offense, you still have the right to file a lawsuit for wrongful death. There are many personal injury attorneys who have experience dealing with an assortment of different wrongful death lawsuits, and will help you exercise any and all rights you may have in court to seek the rightful compensation you deserve for the death of your loved one. Wrongful death lawsuits are civil cases, so it is important to note that they can only find a person liable for their negligence, but cannot prove the guilt of the defendant. Proving guilt and filing criminal charges against a defendant can only be done in the criminal trial. The burden of proof in all civil cases must show the liability of the defendant by a “preponderance of evidence.” This means that the jury does not have to come to a unanimous decision, and the verdict of liability is decided by the majority vote of the jury. In criminal cases, the burden of proof must be shown “without a reasonable doubt”, which means that the jury has to come to a unanimous decision regarding the guilt of the defendant. Thus, filing a civil suit for wrongful death may prove to be an easier way for the grieving family members of the decedent to obtain closure and rightful compensation from the party that caused the death of a loved one. Wrongful death lawsuits often times follow criminal trials of parties, but it is not necessary for a criminal trial of the defendant to occur before the filing of the wrongful death lawsuit. If the verdict of the criminal trial of the defendant declares them guilty, then a wrongful death lawsuit will more likely be successful. Even if there is no criminal trial at all, or the criminal trial does not criminally charge the defendant, there is still a chance for compensation by filing a wrongful death lawsuit. Do not be discouraged by the verdict of the criminal trial, because you may still find some form of meaningful compensation and justice in filing a wrongful death suit. There are...
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Filing a Personal Injury Claim for the Accidental Discharge of a Firearm

When your child goes over to a friend’s house, it’s unlikely that you have considered whether or not there is a firearm in the house they are visiting. Gun control has long been a hotly debated topic across the country. Unfortunately, situations can arise where children gain access to a gun. The result can be tragic. Scenarios surrounding the accidental discharge of a weapon can range from situations in which no one is hurt, to sustaining significant injuries and, in the gravest of situations, death. If your child has been injured in such a way, it may be in your best interest to take legal action, speaking with a personal injury attorney Bristol, TN residents trust will be beneficial in outlining your next steps. Taking Legal Action in the Name of a Child When a child is injured, a parent can take legal action if the child is under the age of 18. Depending on where you live, each state has variations to personal injury claims involving children. Often a settlement is divided into two portions. The first is set aside to provide payment to the parent for expenses they covered due to the child’s injury. The second sum of money is set-aside until the child reaches adulthood.  Children are not able to file a claim for themselves. Parents can take legal action on behalf of their children. Depending on where you reside, the court may have to first give their approval prior to moving forward. It’s important to note that a child does not have the same expectations in avoiding risky behavior as an adult does. Children under the age of seven, are usually not responsible for accidents because they are not yet old enough to understand dangerous or unsafe behavior. Negligent Supervision of Your Child When a parent leaves their child in the care of another person, they assume responsibility of the child. In cases surrounding negligent supervision, there are a few things you will have to prove: The person accused of negligent supervision must have knowingly taken responsibility for taking care of the child. Either you or your child must have suffered damages as a result. The victim of the accident must have damages that resulted from negligent supervision. Finally, you will have to prove that the defendant could have prevented the accident from occurring. Negligent supervision cases do not only pertain to cases surrounding children....
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The Distracted Commercial Truck Driver

While not all commercial truck drivers become distracted behind the wheel, those who do can be greatly putting themselves and others on the road in danger. Commercial trucks can range anywhere from 10,000 pounds at the lowest, to around 80,000 pounds fully stocked. In comparison, the standard vehicle can weigh around 3,000-4,000 pounds. If a truck driver were to become distracted for any reason, he or she could cause a tragic accident. Here in this article, we have answered a few questions people may have about truck accidents, and what you can do if such a crash ever happens to you or a loved one. In what ways do truck drivers become distracted? There are many ways we can become distracted when behind the wheel. Particularly for truck drivers, the distractions could be cell phone use, daydreaming on boring roads, and eating while behind the wheel. Any action that takes attention away from the road could lead to disaster very quickly. Why is cell phone use while driving such a common issue? In today’s world, we may rely on our cell phones for communication, research, directions, entertainment, paying bills, and more. With the advancement of technology it may come as no surprise as to how much cell phones can actually do for us. It can be difficult for people to separate themselves from their phones, even for a brief period of time. While an attachment to cell phones may seem just a little unhealthy, it can become outright risky when people decide to drive while using it. Sadly, truck drivers are not an exception and may want to send a quick text or call to talk with loved ones while they are away from home for such a long period of time. What should I do if I got hit by a truck driver who was on the phone? If you notice a truck driver was on the phone and had hit your car because of it, you should call for police and a medical team right away. Depending on how fast the truck was going and at which angle it hit you, you could be at risk for suffering a critical condition. Try to remain calm and get the medical care you need immediately. Once you have recovered well enough, you can then consider meeting with a legal professional if you are in search of justice and compensation....
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