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Child Support Is For The Child’s Needs

Personal Injury Lawyer When a couple decides to part ways and they have children together, then they will have to negotiate the terms of child support. One parent may have to pay the other on a weekly or monthly basis, but either way, it’s likely to be on a set schedule enforced by the court. Child support payments are used so that the parent with custody has the financial means to take care of the child. Examples of needs that child support payments may go to include: Clothing Food Shelter Medical coverage Dental costs Childcare Travel  Education Extracurriculars  Parents who are motivated to avoid court may find resolution is possible through mediation, where an unbiased mediator guides the conversation. Both parents will have the opportunity to negotiate terms of child support payments amongst themselves, however, if they are not able to reach an agreement then they must attend family court over the matter. If each parent is willing to collaborate, then mediation can be helpful. If both parents truly want what is in the best interest of their children and wish to avoid the time and stress of attending court, then they can create their own child support amount and schedule.  The child support arrangement will vary based on each parent’s earnings and whether custody is shared or was awarded solely to one parent, among other factors. The laws for child support vary by state as well, so it’s important to receive information that is applicable for where you reside.  Other factors the judge may use to help them decide the child support verdict are as follows: The number of children The children’s individual needs The children’s standard of living prior to divorce The parent’s ability to pay for needs The judge will use a calculation to figure out how much should be paid in child support and which parent must pay it. A parent that does not abide by the court-mandated payment schedule is likely to experience repercussions. For this reason, it is imperative that a paying parent notify the court as soon as their finances change and if they are unable to make a payment in full or on time.  And lastly, as a child support lawyer from The Law Office of Daniel E. Stuart, P.A. can attest, because missed payments may cause the child’s needs to suffer, the court is not likely to go easy on...
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