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Why Do Bike Accidents Happen?

Bike Accident Attorney Bike accidents can happen so fast you didn’t even see it coming. Have you been injured in a bike accident and now aren’t sure how to make things right or get your medical bills paid? You may need to talk with a bike accident attorney, such as one from the Barry P. Goldberg firm, who can discuss your legal options and next steps in the process for pursuing a legal claim. A lawyer can guide you through this difficult time and help you navigate the water of the complex legal system. Call a law firm today to make an appointment. Common Factors of a Bike Accident Case There are many factors that can lead to a bike accident, but some are more common than others and an experienced lawyer has likely already seen a similar case and knows how to proceed. Oftentimes, a vehicle is involved, which can lead to more serious injuries, or even death, for the bicyclist depending on the situation and severity of the accident.  Some of the more common factors include: Vehicles turning – Bikes are small and can be missed when a driver isn’t paying close attention. Common bike accidents involving vehicles are a biker getting clipped on the side of the road, or a car turning into a biker going straight through an intersection. In nearly all of these cases, the bike rider is the one who is going to pay the price, physically with injury, for the accident and is much more likely to need medical attention. Reckless driving – Another common hazard to bikers is cars being driven recklessly, which includes driving well over the speed limit for the road, swerving, changing lanes quickly and often, slamming on the brakes erratically, and making turns quickly without looking for others on the road. When a person drives like this, even the most cautious of road bikers could be hit because their moves are so fast and unpredictable.  Road hazards – Some bike accidents don’t involve another person or vehicle, but hazards on the road that should not have been there. This could include objects that fell from vehicles, road construction without proper signage or equipment placement, large pot holes, and not properly maintained roads. Even when another person or vehicle isn’t directly involved in a bike accident, you may still have options for compensation, and a bike accident attorney...
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