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How Can I Apply for Temporary Spousal Support?

The intention of temporary spousal support or “temporary alimony” is to reasonably maintain the same standard of living for both parties after divorce. An attorney can help you file a temporary alimony order, where a request is sent to the court about getting help paying for certain expenses or bills covered by the other spouse. To submit such written documentation, means that a “motion” is filed to the court regarding the issue. Upon receiving this paperwork, the court will likely schedule a hearing for both spouses to attend. 

Reviewing Financial Information

Before the court can rule on this request for temporary alimony, they will need to review imperative documents pertaining to each spouse’s finances. An attorney can give you information about what kinds of documents the court is likely to need. Both spouses are to fill out financial disclosure forms, which should be plenty of details about income, debts, expenses, and assets for the court to evaluate. This will give the court a good idea of each spouse’s financial standing. 

Determining Whether Request is Granted

After reviewing requested documents, the court will also consider the points made by each side. Based on the information provided, if the court believes that awarding temporary alimony is justified, then they will assign a monthly payment to the paying spouse. The outcome of a temporary spousal support hearing isn’t always certain, as it can be difficult to figure out what the judge will do, but an attorney can work relentlessly for your behalf. 

The Use of a Formula

In some states, courts use a formula to decide temporary spousal support. It is similar to what a judge may use for child support disputes too. However, if the state doesn’t use a formula for alimony, then the judge can attempt to be as fair as possible. The judge may strive to calculate an amount that reasonably satisfies the financial need of the recipient spouse, while not causing financial hardship to the other. 

How Long a Temporary Spousal Support May Last

Once the court issues a temporary spousal support verdict, it usually is in effect only until the divorce case ends. In some instances, it may carry on after the finalization of the divorce, essentially turning into long-term alimony. An attorney understands how confusing this all can be if you are not familiar with the topic of family law. We can hopefully put your mind more at-ease by answering questions you have along the way. 

If you need help applying for temporary spousal support (or alimony), then look no further. Our law firm has been helping spouses get through challenging times for many years, and you can rely on our experience. If you get the hunch that you are headed for divorce, it isn’t too early to get legal guidance so you know what actions to take next. 

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