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Traumatic Brain Injuries and Slip and Fall Accidents

As slip and fall lawyer Little Rock AR residents rely on can attest, many juries do not equate slip and fall accidents with a TBI.  Some falls can cause serious head injuries, ranging from mild concussions to more life-altering brain injuries.  Most of the time, a person will break a fall with the arms or hands and avoid any hard blow to the head. However, it’s always possible that you’ll suffer a brain injury when your head hits the ground or another object on the way down.

Fluid surrounds our brains inside the skull, acting as a cushion to prevent the brain from making contact with the insides of our skulls. However, any jarring motion can potentially cause the brain to contact the skull anyway. You can also suffer a traumatic brain injury if an object penetrates the skull. Depending on the severity of the jolt to your head, you might suffer from mild or more severe brain injuries.

Treatment for Traumatic Brain Injuries

Medical treatment for a TBI will depend on the severity of the injury and the injured parts of the brain. A mild concussion will probably lead to instructions of bed rest. For pain management, you might use over-the-counter drugs (like ibuprofen or Advil), or your doctor might approve a prescription painkiller. A mild concussion typically resolves itself after seven to 10 days.

More severe brain trauma will require more intensive therapies, including occupational therapy, speech therapy, physical therapy, and psychiatric therapy. Specific parts of the brain control specific behaviors, such as speech or emotional control, and any injury to those parts of the brain will damage your motor skills and behaviors accordingly.

About half of all victims with severe traumatic brain injuries will need surgeries to repair bruised brain tissue (called a “contusion”) or to repair ruptured blood vessels. Some disabilities will respond to the appropriate therapy, but many victims might suffer from disabilities for the rest of their lives, which can interfere with their memory and ability to communicate.

Seeking Compensation

Traumatic brain injuries result in expensive treatments, rendering some people unable to work and in intense pain.  The key to a successful slip and fall lawsuit is proving that the premises owner knew or should have known about the hazard. When people invite guests onto their properties, they accept responsibility for ensuring that their properties remain free of hidden defects.

Traumatic brain injuries can substantially disrupt your life, though you can recover financial compensation for them.


Thanks to Steve Harrelson and our friends and co-contributors from Harrelson Law Firm, P.A. for their added insight into traumatic brain injuries and slip and fall accidents.

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