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Motorcycle Riding Safety Tips

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The majority of motorcycle accidents result in serious injury or death for the riders on the bike. With no protection to offer the person on the motorcycle like there is for an occupant in a vehicle, it is critical for anyone who gets on a motorcycle to take the critical steps to help decrease their risk of accidents and injuries.

If you are injured in an accident, you need an aggressive motorcycle accident attorney to advocate for you against insurance companies who try to reduce or deny motorcycle accident victims from getting the financial compensation they are entitled to under the law. The following are steps riders should take to help keep safe. If you are in a crash, contact a motorcycle accident law firm, such as Johnston Martineau, LLP, to find out what legal options you have against the party responsible for the crash.

Motorcycle Training Course

Anyone who has decided to purchase a motorcycle should take a motorcycle training course. Most states offer these courses through their department of motor vehicle agencies at very reasonable rates These courses teach riders the skills they need to operate their motorcycles in a safe and defensive manner. In many states, these training courses are mandatory in order to obtain a motorcycle license. Even if your state does not require the course, it is beneficial to take the course and will also result in a potential discount on your motorcycle insurance policy.

Always Wear Protective Gear

All but a few states have mandatory helmet laws. Even if you are riding in a state where it is legal to not wear a helmet, wear one. Study after study proves that wearing a helmet saves lives. Riders should also wear goggles or protective glasses if their helmets do not have an attached protective shield. Other protective gear that riders should wear (even in warm weather) includes leather jackets, pants (or chaps), boots, and gloves.

Motorcycle Maintenance

Another key factor in staying safe and reduce the risk of a crash is to make sure your motorcycle is in good working order. Riders should check to make sure tires are properly inflated and the tread is in good condition. All lights should be checked to ensure they are all working properly. It is a good idea to have the bike inspected to make sure there are no mechanical issues. If there are any issues that come up, make sure to address and repair these issues right away.

When Riding

When you are driving your motorcycle, make sure you keep headlights on at all times. You also want to equip the bike with reflective stickers and wear clothing that is bright and reflective. Stay alert at what is going on around you at all times. Do not allow yourself to get distracted.

You also never want to drink and drive. Each year, almost 1,500 motorcyclists are killed in alcohol-related crashes.

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