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Bicycle Accident Injuries

Unfortunately, Arizona has consistently ranked high in the number of bicycle traffic fatalities, compared to its lower population with other states. Bike riding, particularly among urban commuters is on the increase and this had led to increases in cyclists fatalities nationwide. The numbers of bicycle and pedestrian fatalities and injuries have risen across the country.

The victim of a bicycle crash with a car or truck can be left with serious and permanent injuries. A bicycle accident lawyer can evaluate the causes of a bicycle collision, common causes of bicyclist crashes resulting in injuries or fatalities include:

  • Drivers not seeing or failing to yield the right of way to bicyclists
  • A vehicle turning left at an intersection
  • A bicyclist side swiped by a vehicle changing lanes
  • A bicyclist being rear ended by a distracted or impaired driver
  • A vehicle turning right ahead of a bicyclist
  • Distracted drivers, cell phone usage, texting are common reasons for inattention.
  • Lack of bike lanes and marked crosswalks

A personal injury lawyer can investigate the causes of a bicycle collision, evaluate who was at fault, and look into the possible insurance policies, personal or commercial that may be applicable. There may be liability coverage, a commercial policy, or underinsurance (UIM) or uninsured motorist (UM) coverage that may apply in a bicycle collision resulting in injuries or death.

Each person’s claim is unique and different. Many factors are considered, what are the injuries, how long have the symptoms or disability lasted, are there permanent injuries? How have the injuries affected the injured person’s activities, employment, marital, or family life? How have the injuries affected the person’s enjoyment and quality of life?

It’s interesting to know that there may be a claim by a bicyclist against the adverse party’s insurance carrier, and if that policy is not sufficient to pay the claim, the bicyclist’s underinsurance coverage, if he has any, may also be used to satisfy the claim. If the adverse party did not have insurance the bicyclist’s uninsured motorist coverage, if he has any, may be used to pay the claim.

A personal injury attorney will take care of the communications with the adverse party’s insurance carrier, obtain the medical records and lost income documentation. The decision to hire a lawyer, like a bicycle accident lawyer Phoenix, AZ relies on, is essential because the adverse party’s insurance company is in the everyday business of protecting its interests, not those of the injured bicyclist victim.

Thanks to our friends and contributors from The Law Offices of Paul Englander for their insight into bicycle accident case.

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