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3 Common Types of Personal Injury Claims

Personal Injury Attorney

Though everyone will face injuries and accidents to one degree or another, the more serious cases will require extensive medical help. These costs can quickly add up, hampering the finances of people from all walks of life. When another person is liable for your injuries you may consider taking legal actions to recover damages. Personal injury lawyers are accustomed to handling a wide range of cases. It’s helpful to know which ones attorneys most often work with.

Car Accidents

You don’t have to drive long or far to come across accidents on the road. While weather or automobile defects can be the culprits, human errors usually cause these incidents and the resulting injuries. Some car accidents inflict minor injuries, but some can be devastating and life-changing. A car accident can leave a person incapacitated. Other accidents send the victims to the hospital where only multiple treatments and surgeries, along with long rehabilitation, help the person recover. The medical bills that follow can be enormous. A personal injury lawsuit not only holds the offender accountable, but can also help the victim get the money to pay for the medical costs.

Workplace Injuries

Reputable businesses place a high priority on employee safety. Employers are responsible for their employees’ well-being during work hours and should create a comfortable atmosphere where everyone can do his or her job. Due to a lack of training and failing safety equipment and measures, people can get hurt. This is especially true in jobs where people work with chemicals, heavy-duty machinery and other hazards. When employers aren’t conscientious, workers can get hurt. Common injuries include slip and fall incidents, fractures, concussions, and burns. Employers that don’t take accountability for such incidents can face lawsuits. Legal action is also common when employers aren’t cooperative with employees who wish to file workers’ compensation claims.

Dog Bites

Dog bite laws vary from state to state, but this is a common injury claim. Some attorneys specialize in dog bite lawsuits, as the injuries can be severe, especially when children are the victims. Factors that determine the validity of someone’s case include whether the dog was on a leash, if the incident occurred on the homeowner’s property, and if the homeowner was present during the attack and tried to prevent it.

There are many other types of personal injury cases, though these are among the most frequent complaints that plaintiffs make. If you have had similar situations, speak to an attorney, like a personal injury attorney from David & Philpot, P.L., today.

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