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What to Know About Workers Compensation Claims

For those currently receiving workers compensation benefits or plan to file a claim soon, it may be useful to find out as much information as you can about your rights and the factors of qualification. Even if you trust your employer to handle your claim with care, mistakes and misjudgements can be made. Know your rights as an injured worker so you feel more empowered to speak up, especially if you do not receive an adequate amount to cover medical costs or treatments.


What is Workers Compensation?

Your employer is required by law to pay you for any work-related illness or injury. You could get hurt due to a single event, or frequent exposures while working. For example, in one incident you can hurt your back or through repeated exposure hurt your wrist due to motion repetition.


How Exactly Does Workers Compensation Work?

An insurance for workers compensation can provide five standard benefits:

  • Medical Care: paid by your employer to assist with recovering from an illness or injury due to work.

  • Temporary Disability: these are payments awarded for lost wages due to your injury preventing you from performing usual job tasks while in the process of healing or recuperating.

  • Permanent Disability: payments awarded to employee who is not likely to recover completely from the illness or injury.

  • Supplemental Job Displacement: vouchers that assist in payment for skill enhancement or retraining if you are not able to recover entirely, and will not be returning to the same employer.

  • Death Event: payments made to your family and dependants if you pass away from a job related illness or injury.

How Long Does it Take to Receive Workers Compensation Benefits?

Typically, if your claim is approved you can receive your first check within two weeks after your injury notification was given to your employer. If you do not get your benefit amount in a prompt time frame, you can be entitled to an increase of 10% for delayed payments. An insurance company can perform this task automatically, however it may be a good idea to request in writing to confirm you are being paid for the delay.


How Can I Avoid Getting Hurt While at Work?

Depending on your state, employers are required to offer a prevention of illness and/or injury program to their employees. The program can encompass worker training, inspections and procedures for reporting unsafe conditions. If your employer does not respond to a report, you can call your nearest OSHA office so they can enforce laws or do an inspection for health and safety.


Can my Employer Withhold a Portion of my Earnings to Pay for Workers Compensation Insurance?

Absolutely not, your employer should be paying compensation insurance as it is part of running and maintaining a business. Your employer should also not ask you to help pay for insurance premiums. If you believe your employer is being unlawful in regards to workers compensation, it may be a good idea to seek the representation of an attorney such as the Milwaukee work injury lawyer locals turn to .


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