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Visiting an Orthodontist After Sustaining a Mouth Injury

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When you are the victim of some type of personal injury, from a car accident to a slip and fall accident, your first thought may not always be about your teeth. However, you may be surprised to hear that in these types of accidents your teeth are extremely vulnerable. Especially in slip and fall accidents or assault cases, you are likely not expecting the accident to occur and were not prepared to protect your mouth. When this is the case, you can end up with lost teeth, a broken jaw, and even nerve damage in your mouth. After your accident, you know you should see a medical professional for any kind of injuries you may have sustained to your body, but it is also imperative that you seek the help of a qualified orthodontist who can help you with your recovery process and document your dental injuries.

What are common dental injuries after an accident?

There are many common dental injuries after an accident. These are:

  • Lost Tooth

  • Damaged Root

  • Broken Tooth

  • Broken Jaw

Lost Tooth. As your adrenaline begins to come down after the accident, you may realize that you have lost a tooth. Not only is this painful but it is also unsightly and will require quick medical attention. If it is possible for you to recover the lost tooth, your orthodontist may be able to place it back in. However, if it has already been several hours or if you lost your tooth, you may need an implant.

Damaged Root. When a tooth’s root is damaged, you likely won’t even be able to see the damage to it but you will probably feel an extreme amount of pain. A damaged root can be even more painful than a lost tooth, and the damage can be so bad that it kills the attached tooth or begins to spread an infection. It is important to see an orthodontist quickly to get this fixed.

Broken Tooth. While a broken tooth can be very painful, your dentist may be able to repair it and save the remaining part of the tooth. Similar to a lost tooth, this will not be possible in all cases, but the quicker you act in seeing your orthodontist the better opportunity you have to save the tooth.

Broken Jaw. In more severe cases, the accident may have resulted in a broken jaw. When this happens, you may need to undergo jaw surgery as well as have a more long-term treatment option that involves braces, headgear, and a retainer.

Personal injuries can be very scary, especially when they leave you feeling disfigured and in severe pain. However, having an orthodontist on your side can be very helpful for a quick recovery process. In addition, when you go to file a personal injury claim, your orthodontist can ensure that you have all the documentation you need in terms of what kinds of injuries you sustained as well as a detailed list of the necessary medical treatment. For more information on how Dr. John Redmond orthodontist San Clemente, CA chooses can help you after your personal injury accident, call today.


Thanks to John Redmond Orthodontics for their insight into dentistry and visiting an orthodontist after a mouth injury.

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