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Social Security Disability Benefits

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The Social Security Administration defines disability as someone with the inability to partake in any significant activity due to mental or physical impairment that can be expected to last for no less than a consistent 12-month period, or which can be anticipated to result in death. Essentially, the SSA may consider you disabled if you cannot work in the capacity that you could before, your tasks cannot be adjusted to suit your medical condition, and your condition is probably going to last for one year or cause fatality. 

How to Apply For Social Security Disability

The process of applying for social security disability benefits entails going to the closest SSA office and filing a claim in person. However, if you are unable to meet in the office, then you can contact the SSA office for an interview over the phone. An attorney understands that applying through the SSA can be very challenging and frustrating. We can see to it that your claim is handled as quickly as possible. Before submitting your initial claim or having an interview, we suggest getting advice from a member of our legal team. We can help you prepare for the application stage by assessing your case and gathering supportive evidence. 

Documentation to Complete

If you miss any necessary documentation when applying for social security disability benefits, your claim may be denied due to being incomplete. It is imperative that you notify your doctors about your intention to pursue these benefits, so you can get all the medical information you need related to the disability. Medical documents are crucial to your claim outcome and can increase your chances of a timely response by the SSA. If you would like someone to look over your application before submittal, an attorney can provide that service. 

What to Do About a Denial

Those who receive a denial notice may be terrified about what happens next. Without the benefits they need, applicants may be worried about the stability of their future. The first application may process in around 30-90 days, and if denied then the applicant has 65 days to submit a request for claim reconsideration. The SSA will then have another 30-90 days to review your case. How long a claim takes to process also depends on the medical condition and related documentation provided. 

Social Security Benefits and Working 

The intention of social security disability benefits is to compensate for a person’s inability to work. The Social Security Administration does allow individuals to work, but only for a certain number of hours per week. If an individual works more than 20 hours in a week, then they are at risk for having their benefits canceled entirely. 

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Thanks to The Law Office of Mark T. Hurt for their insight into Social Security disability law.

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