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Preventing Car Accidents

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Car accidents are one of the leading causes of death in this country. Sadly, many of these accidents are preventable. Taking measures to avoid car accidents is essential to protecting your safety and the safety of other drivers, passengers, and pedestrians.

Driving Under the Influence

Driver intoxication is the cause of many traffic accidents in the state. Nearly a third of traffic deaths in the U.S. involve intoxicated drivers. To stay safe on the roads, it is imperative that you never drink and drive. If you are a passenger and the driver shows signs of intoxication, stay out of their vehicle. Further, if you see a car driving erratically, swerving, or otherwise indicating intoxication, stay far away, pull over, and alert law enforcement.

Distracted Driving

More than 3,000 people are killed each year in car accidents involving a distracted driver. If you are operating a motor vehicle, put your phone away. Texting and driving, especially, is very dangerous. Listening to music or talking on the phone using headphones or earbuds is dangerously distracting and illegal in many states. Even the use of hands-free devices is distracting and often leads to a decrease in control over the vehicle.

Accidents often happen on familiar roads. Drivers let their guard down and drive inattentively because they are so familiar with the streets they are on. It is important not to lose focus on driving, even in well-known areas. Unexpected things can always happen, such as cars can suddenly turn into the street, pedestrians dashing into the roadway, or other dangerous situations arise.

Drowsy Driving

Sleep is extremely important to a driver’s function, and driver fatigue is a major cause of traffic accidents. Be sure to get enough sleep, get good sleep, and avoid traveling while tired. If necessary, pull over and take a nap and continue driving once you are better able to focus on the road.


Every street has a posted speed limit that all drivers must adhere to, however, states also have additional laws that drivers must follow. Drivers are required to drive at a speed appropriate for the traffic and weather, taking into account visibility and roadway conditions. Drivers should also take note of and obey other road signs.

Safety Precautions

Drivers can and should take several safety precautions to avoid accidents. First, drive defensively. Be aware of other drivers and of your surroundings, maintain a proper and safe following distance, drive at an appropriate speed, and always have an escape plan for possible driving emergencies.

Additionally, drivers and all passengers should wear seatbelts at all times. Children should sit in age- and size-appropriate car seats or booster seats that are properly installed. Further, drivers should be sure to properly maintain their vehicles. Change the oil, check the brakes and tires, and perform all recommended maintenance.

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