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How to Pay Your Medical Bills After a Lyft Accident

A car accident is never fun, and it often causes physical injuries and property damages, which can create a financial hardship. Ridesharing collisions present unique problems for filing claims and receiving compensation. However, being the victim entitles you to restitution, but you may need legal counsel to navigate the sensitive and complex issues of contracted employees and commercial enterprises. There are four steps you can take to pay your medical bills and other expenses after a Lyft accident.

  1. Determine Liability

Liability is tricky in ridesharing accidents. While companies, like Lyft, operate in the commercial world, employees are contract workers, which means Lyft’s insurer defines specific roles and circumstances that define when a person is working for the company. Therefore, how you seek restitution and determine liability depends on whether a Lyft employee was working when the accident occurred. If they were, the ridesharing service might be responsible, but if they weren’t, the driver is responsible, as long as they caused the accident.

  1. File a Claim

Once you know who is liable for the accident, you can file a claim. With the complexity of the issue, it is wise to hire a practiced car accident attorney. These professionals can navigate the negotiation process better than most people, and they may get you a settlement offer the quickest. However, you must understand the claims process is long, and it can take months before you see a settlement or judgment. You may need to seek other ways of paying your medical bills during settlement negotiations or a trial.

  1. Use Other Sources

If you need immediate financial help, there are a few sources you can look to for help: health insurance, personal injury coverage, Medicare or Medicaid, friends and family or a short-term loan. If you have health insurance, it is likely the best option in car accident cases, but be sure to explain your injuries stem from an accident, and you are seeking restitution. If you do not have a private health insurance plan, check your auto insurance coverage for personal injury protection and use it if you have it. Medicare or Medicaid will also cover your medical expenses, but only after you use personal injury protection. Seeking financial help from friends and family or a small loan may also be in your best interest, depending on the severity of your injuries and the necessity of treatment and rehabilitation.

You do not have to go through the legal process alone. An experienced car accident attorney can help you fast-track your claim and get the restitution you deserve. Consider speaking with a car accident attorney, like an attorney at Patterson Bray. They will be able to help you receive maximum compensation after your accident.

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