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Hip and Knee Pain After a Car Accident

A very common car accident injury is knee and hip pain. The pain can be a symptom of a much larger injury, and can range from mild pain to severe pain. If you or a loved one has sustained knee or hip pain after being in a car crash, you should seek medical attention as soon as you possible to begin documenting your injury treatment, so that you can provide medical records as a testament to your bodily injury. You should write down dates of doctor’s visits, what medication you are given, and include any x-rays or MRI scans that are taken. You will need to provide proof like all of the medical documentation, pictures of the injury, crime scene and police report. You cannot be given compensation for your damages if you cannot prove your injuries were sustained because of the accident. However, you may be denied compensation if the proof or evidence are unclear or your doctor’s visits and treatment are deemed to be unnecessary because they were not needed for your injury. You may also be denied compensation if the injury is not serious.

Hip pain is a known symptom of a dislocated hip and can occur when your knee is jammed into the dashboard in an accident. If you are seeing symptoms of reduced movement in your hip, if the hip area is bruising or hurts to touch, your hip is placed in a position it normally isn’t in, it could be dislocated. If your hip is in fact dislocated, it will need immediate medical help so that your blood can circulate in your leg and not cause permanent hip damage.  Hip pain is also a common symptom of torn or pulled muscles in your leg. This will be obvious because your hip will swell and you will not be able to walk for a long period of time without searing pain. Some accidents can even fracture your pelvis. Often times, individuals who suffer from knee and hip pain in an accident may also have sustained a back injury as well. If the impact misaligned your spine, it may result in pain in your knees or hip.

Contact an Attorney

If another individual’s negligence resulted in you being injured or incurring knee and hip pain, consider contacting a auto accident lawyer Lakeland, FL relies on as soon as possible. They can explain your legal options, check if you are eligible for medical and lost wages compensation, and help you understand your rights.

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