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Driver and Passenger Compensation in Taxi Accidents

A car accident is something everyone hopes will never happen, but in reality, many people may face at least one in their lifetime. In busier, urban areas, the likelihood of getting in an accident with a taxi cab is much higher, and you may need to know how to properly file a claim if this happens to you. There are some key differences between being a passenger who is in a car that gets in an accident with a taxi and a driver who gets hit by a taxi. Here is how to tell the difference and what to do.

Proving Negligence as a Driver

If you were the driver of a car that got hit by a taxi cab, you will need to prove that the taxi driver was negligent. You must provide evidence that verifies the taxi driver was responsible for causing the accident. This is the only way you can receive compensation from their insurance company. You will also need to prove that damages and injuries you sustained were from the accident. A taxi driver may fight you about liability because their livelihood depends on driving.

Proving Injuries as a Passenger

If you were in an accident as a passenger, you don’t need to worry about proving negligence, since fault can only fall on the shoulders of the ones behind the wheel. Instead, you need to prove that your injuries are from the crash. You should see a doctor shortly after the accident to obtain a report that clearly shows the injuries were a result of the accident. You should also keep track of medical expenses, bills and any wages you’ve lost from being unable to work. All of these can help determine how much compensation you are owed.

Issues for Passengers

Unfortunately, the compensation for a passenger injured in a wreck falls into the hands of the insurance companies of the drivers. Since one of them is the negligent party, one of their insurances should be responsible for paying damages. In an effort to pay as little as possible, companies may go back and forth about which driver was negligent, delaying your compensation. If more than one passenger is injured in an accident, a driver’s policy may not cover all costs, meaning you may have to take a lesser payment or seek compensation directly from the driver.

If this occurs, contacting a lawyer is advisable to get a better picture of your options. You should never settle for less than you’re owed.

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